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Terms of Service

By accepting cleaning services from MonaCo Cleaning Services you are agreeing to the following Terms of Service:

Contract Duration: You are committing to a contract that ends and renews in February of every year. You are free to cancel your contract at any time, but we require a 30 day notice.

Arrival Time: We will give you an hour long range of arrival time due to the uncertainty of traffic and prior cleanings etc. If you would prefer a set time we would recommend scheduling in the morning. You will receive a reminder text 48 hours before your scheduled cleaning. 

Lock Out Policy: If we arrive for your scheduled cleaning and are not able to access the property we reserve the right to charge you a 100% lock out fee. This will be used to ensure our staff is paid for the hours they are scheduled. 

Employee Discretion: We may cancel or reschedule your cleaning if our employees feel that the work environment is unsafe. Examples of unsafe work environments include, but not are not limited to, hazardous conditions, pests (rodents, lice, bedbugs) or improper conduct.

Satisfaction Guarantee: We offer a 24 hour satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your service please reach out within 24 hours. We will either come back to your property to make things right or offer an appropriate discount.

Payments: Residential payments are due upon receipt of invoice. Payments more than 7 days late will incur a $5 late fee added daily until the bill is paid in full. 

Price Increases: Contracts run from February 1st to January 31st. If you begin services in the middle of the year the length of the contract adjusts accordingly. We reserve the right to increase prices as needed to follow current inflation rates. You will be notified by email by the first of the year with any pricing and/or policy changes.

Damages: MonaCo’s staff is trained and instructed to immediately report any damages to anything in your home. If we are at fault we will replace or compensate accordingly. Please make us aware of anything of high value, whether sentimental or monetary, so we can take extra care or avoid those items per your request.

Non-Solicitation: Any client who hires a current employee of MonaCo Cleaning or a former employee within one year of their last day with MonaCo will be charged a fee equal to one year of cleaning services. 

Supplies: MonaCo provides all of the cleaning supplies and has all natural options available for a one time yearly fee of $80 for monthly clients and $160 for bi-weekly. We will use a product that you supply if requested, but can not be held liable for any damages done with said product. 

Pests: MonaCo’s staff has been instructed to immediately vacate any property where evidence of pest are found, including but not limited to rat/mouse droppings, lice, fleas, bedbugs, and/or roaches. Service will be discontinued until proof of extermination to prevent the spreading of pests to our other clients.

These terms were last updated on January 25th, 2022